Meet your microbe!

Why are germs so private!

Think of this as an introduction to the bugs and creepy crawlies and invisible beings you know exist around you.  We will try to keep things as non-technical as possible, yet give you solid scientific reference.

The world of microbes is very relevant to our everyday lives. Your body and your environment are full of little living things, some working for you and some against you.

So, have you ever wondered? Do bacteria have families? Do viruses ever get sick themselves? Do they have day jobs and what do they do for fun? Believe it or not, microorganisms live fully functional lives, maybe not in such an evolved way as we do, but they do have complete life cycles with purpose and function – and yes, they too get stressed.

So keep checking back as we go through some of the most important organisms around the world, and introduce you to them so you can understand and appreciate them better!